Fat Reduction, Cellulite Treatment, Skin Tightening


At the London Mode Beauty Clinic, we use next-generation devices to deliver results in fat reduction and body contouring. Our treatments are non-invasive, non-surgical, and not painful. 

What areas of the body can we treat? 

Our treatments are effective on abdomen fat, love handles, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and arms. We also have a treatment that reduces fat under the chin. 

We create a bespoke treatment tailored to your exact needs, which would usually consist of a course of treatments that use several of the fat reduction technologies we have.

The result is INCH LOSS in a noticeable way. 

Can I get just one treatment?

Yes you can. Depending on what results you want, your therapist will advise you on the optimum number of treatments you should get. But you can see results even after one treatment. 

Does it work? 

Short answer – yes! Our fat reduction treatments use powerful and tested technology which can result in fat loss of 20% to 40% in targeted areas. 

Of course, the results are best when used in conjunction with sensible eating, moderate exercise, getting adequate sleep and drinking lots of water. 

How does it work? 

Our fat reduction systems use the four most proven and effective non-surgical fat reduction systems in the world today. 

The treatments are non-surgical (no needles, no drugs, no anaesthetics) and they don’t require any downtime from you. They are not painful. 

Each of the technologies use different methods, but the basic principle they all work on is that they break down and destroy fat cells, which are then cleared away by the body’s natural lymph system over time. 

Are the results instant? 

With many treatments, you will notice a reduction in inches immediately after the first treatment. With other treatments – particularly fat freezing which targets stubborn areas of fat – the results can be clearly seen between 6 and 12 weeks after a single treatment. This is because after that one treatment, the body needs time to process and eliminate the broken down fat cells. But with fat freezing, the results are very noticeable after the body has gotten rid of the waste. 

Is it safe? 

Because it is non-surgical, the most common side effects of the treatment are very mild. Light bruising can sometimes occur in small areas, which goes away after a day or two. The skin can get a bit red after some of the treatments, which usually lasts just a few hours. 

You may experience mild discomfort for short periods of time during the treatment, due to the warmth or cold used in some treatments, or from the light vacuum suction used, but nothing painful. 

Yes, the treatment is safe. 

How It Works


Best for: Inch Loss and Fat Reduction

Areas that can be treated: Arms, back, buttocks, abdomen, thighs. 

How it works: The Cavitation treatment uses an ultrasound wave to mechanically disrupt the cell membrane of the fat cell. The fat cells are broken down by this process and eliminated by the body. The treatment is non-surgical. Because it uses ultrasound, you will usually hear a bit of a ringing in your ears during the treatment, which stops as soon as the treatment ends.  

Treatment Schedule: Results can be observed after a single treatment. For best results, Cavitation is ideally delivered in a course of 8 treatments per area being addressed.


Best for: Targeting stubborn pockets of fat. Good for reducing love handles or bulging areas of the abdomen, muffin top fat and fat on the inner and outer thighs. It is also used to effectively reduce fat under the chin.  

Areas that can be treated: Abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, chin, upper arms. 

How it works: The treatment safely cools the pocket of fat under the skin, without harming the skin.  When fat cells are exposed to a precise cooling below body temperature, they die naturally and dissolve over the course of several weeks. 

The skin is protected during this treatment and is not harmed. But you will feel the cold of the treatment handpiece. It’s not painful, but it can be mildly uncomfortable. You may feel some numbness in the area for a while after the treatment, because of the cold.

Treatment Schedule: Cryolipolysis is a one-off treatment per area being treated. Results are visible from 6 to 12 weeks. Cryolipolysis gets the best results when followed up with a course of cavitation, radiofrequency and shockwave treatment. 


Best for: Skin tightening and fat melting.

Areas that can be treated: Cellulite, any broader body area with loose skin or uneven fat. 

How it works: Radiofrequency is used for two separate purposes: 1) Fat melting, and 2) Skin tightening. The hand piece uses mild radiofrequency to heat up the skin to a comfortable and non-painful temperature. Fat beneath the skin surface begins to melt and can be re-shaped and smoothed out, which is very effective when it comes to cellulite. And with skin tightening, the hand piece heats the skin to an exact temperature which causes the skin to tighten. 

During radiofrequency treatment, you will feel a pleasant, non-painful warmth from the treatment head, and your skin in the area treated may go red for a short while. 

The treatment also includes a brief vacuum suction, which helps with lymphatic drainage and blood circulation in the area. While not painful, the vacuum treatment can occasionally leave very mild bruises which vanish in a day or two. 

Treatment Schedule: Radiofrequency can be done in a single treatment with observable results. But for the best results, we recommend getting a course of 8 treatments per area being treated.


Best for: Cellulite removal, lymphatic drainage. 

Areas that can be treated: Abdomen, legs, arms.

How it works: Acoustic Wave Treatment, also known as Shockwave Treatment, uses Radial Pressure Waves which are pulses generated by compressed air.

In plain English, Shockwave lightly “hammers” the area being treated, many times per second. It’s not painful, and once you get used to it, it can actually feel quite pleasant. It is done only for a few minutes, after other treatments.

The treatment promotes fat metabolism, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. We use Shockwave Therapy in conjunction with Cavitation, Cryolipolysis and Radiofrequency as it makes these treatments faster and more effective. 

Treatment schedule: Shockwave can be done in a single session. It can be done on its own, but most often it is done after a Cavitation or Radiofrequency treatment. For best results, we recommend a course of 8 treatments, in combination with other treatments. 

Each of these technologies specialises in a specific type of body fat. Your consultation will find out what areas concern you, and your treatment will be tailored to deliver the results you want. It is likely to consist of a combination of 3 or 4 of the technologies, in a course of treatments. 

What do I do next?

Request a free phone consultation if you would like more information. One of our friendly therapists can answer all your questions and explain the procedure in more detail, and book you in for your first treatment. 

How much does it cost?

The treatments are tailored to your specific needs, so the price can vary. Single treatments start at £79.

We offer our treatments in packages of 4, 8 or 10 treatments, starting from £249. 

Your therapist will do a complete and thorough consultation and advise you on the best course of action for you. 

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