Waxing can be a very different experience depending on the salon you choose. Waxing can be virtually painless. The beautician’s knowledge and skill and the quality and type of wax used play an important role in this though.

The good news is that there are some tips and facts you can check out before choosing your waxing treatment.

How is Virtually Painless Waxing Done? 

Detailed knowledge of skincare and waxing, very good quality wax and an experienced beautician. These are the 3 main ingredients of virtually painless waxing.

Firstly, let’s look at some basic information about waxing.

There are two basic types of wax used today, namely “strip wax” and “hot wax.”

First, “Strip wax” uses a thin layer of wax that is quite hot and fluid and it is removed with a strip of waxing paper. It’s popular because it’s fast, and on larger areas like arms and legs it gets the job done quickly.

Next there is “Hot wax”, which has a thicker texture. It is applied in a thicker layer, and the wax wraps around the hairs firmly. Some brands of hot wax claim that the heat of the wax on the skin opens the pores, allowing for the hairs to come out more easily.

Choosing a very good quality wax for the treatment makes a big difference.

Some brands of hot wax, such as Lycon, use the latest technology in waxing. Their hot waxes are actually used at a lower temperature than some hot waxes, and they are applied only after oil has been applied to the skin. The hot wax does not stick to the skin at all. It just wraps around the hairs, and as it cools and shrinks, it grips the hairs firmly. The beautician pulls it off by hand (not with a strip of paper) and it only pulls out the hairs and stays gentle to the skin.

A natural oil is applied and the wax itself contains natural ingredients that are actually good for the skin. The wax is a low-temperature formula and is a lot gentler on the skin.

Many salons reserve strip waxing for large, less sensitive areas, and use hot wax for intimate parts or more sensitive areas.

The Skill of the Beautician Doing the Waxing

The skill of the beautician makes a big difference in striving for a painless waxing experience.

If you’re a regular waxing client, you probably know what I am talking about.

If you’re at all shy, anxious, embarrassed or all of those together, this can add to the discomfort. However, if the specialist doing your treatment knows what to say, knows how to help and most importantly is very skilled and knowledgeable, it can make it a much more comfortable experience.

A good waxing specialist will take great care to put you at ease and will make the whole waxing experience much more comfortable. Intimate waxing is… well, it is intimate, and many people feel embarrassed at first.

A beautician needs good communication skills to understand how every client is different on this sensitive subject and to deal with each individual uniquely.

A pro waxing beautician also has perfect manners and the ability to make people comfortable throughout the whole treatment. She works fast, follows an exact plan of motions and has a detailed understanding about hair, hair-growth, the structure of the skin and all the waxing materials and tools she is using.

Did you know that nerve endings in your skin can’t feel pressure and pain at the same time? It’s either/or. If you get waxing treatments regularly, you may have noticed that your beautician presses her hand on your skin straight after pulling off the wax. She does that to minimise the pain you feel. In addition, there are many other small details like this that add up to a comfortable and low-pain experience in the end.

In summary, waxing has been around in one form or another for hundreds of years. It remains very popular today. It can be quite a comfortable experience, but only with the right techniques, delivered with the right personal touch.

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