When I was younger, the only men I knew who got waxed were swimmers and cyclists. To many men, waxing still has a bit of a stigma about it. But you’d be amazed how many men now have waxing as part of their regular routine.

Just in the last five years, male waxing has gone from something of a fringe eccentricity to part of normal life for many men.


Although looking attractive is a big factor, many men who wax do it for comfort and hygiene reasons. It actually feels lighter and more comfortable after a good wax.

The most commonly waxed male parts are the back and chest. But male waxing “down there” is starting to become much more normal today. The internet is full of adverts for special razors with which men can safely shave their nether regions. But if shaving is what you do, you should know something about the benefits of waxing over shaving.

Waxing, as you know, goes much deeper than shaving. The hair is gone at the roots, and it takes longer to grow back than if you shave it. When you shave, the hair comes back stronger. When you wax, the hair regrows more timidly – and is easier to wax the next time. After a series of waxes, the hair is thinner, grows back less quickly, and is less painful to remove.


Probably the reason male waxing is not as commonplace as male haircuts, for example, is the whole embarrassing side of it. Who does the waxing? A male? A female? For many men, the thought of either is cringeworthy. And what if, you know, things get excited down there from all the prodding and gripping? Wouldn’t an erection mid waxing just be mortifying?

Well, firstly, if you’re just getting your chest and back waxed, there’s nothing to worry about. But seriously, with intimate waxing, the main thing to know is that the salons which offer male intimate waxing are staffed by professionals. It’s a known fact in male waxing that erections can occur as a physical reaction, and the people doing the waxing, whether male or female, are very used to it, don’t think anything of it, and just ignore it. It’s a natural reaction, doesn’t mean anything, and they just get on with the treatment.

The other obvious question is: doesn’t waxing hurt like hell? And do I really want my manhood to go through all that pain?

Look, let’s not lie here – waxing does hurt. The same way that ripping off a plaster hurts. But waxing has been around for a long time, and over the years, many breakthroughs have been made that have greatly reduced the pain involved.

Waxing hurts because you’re pulling out hairs at the roots in whole clusters. But there is another pain that’s even worse. Wax sticks to the skin, and when the waxer rips the wax off, your top layer of skin often comes off with it. So the pain comes from two sources – the hair being pulled out, and and the skin being ripped.

Luckily, the wax used on sensitive body areas today has a major advantage: It doesn’t stick to the skin. This is especially true with a brand of wax called Lycon Hot Wax. So without sticking to the skin, the wax just wraps around the hairs, cools and shrinks, and then the wax is ripped off. That’s 50% of the pain of waxing taken care of!

Different men report different levels of waxing pain. With each treatment, the pain gets less and less. It’s a short, sharp pain, which some men call a 5 out of 10, which is gone almost as soon as it starts. And the smooth, fresh look you get at the end makes it all worth it. The professionalism of the beautician doing the waxing also makes a big difference to how painful it is.


If you’ve ever felt tears welling up in your eyes when you pulled a single nose hair out, the thought of pulling whole clumps of nose hairs out at one time sounds nuts. But the truth is, nose hair waxing is actually one of the least painful kinds of waxing, if done properly. It’s sort of a non-event. It’s quick, relatively painless, and feels great afterwards.

What about ears? Same thing. You’ve possibly seen videos of men in agony getting their ears waxed. I don’t know if that was faked for dramatisation, but waxing the ears, by a pro, is not very painful at all.

And underarms? Surely that hurts like hell? Actually no. Well, yes, it stings a bit, but it’s not actually that painful.

For most men, the back of the neck, and the bottom of the chest, are the most painful areas. But with a professional, these are done quickly and they are over and done with before you know it.


Yes. It isn’t much, but it’s a good idea to do a bit of aftercare, to prevent ingrown hairs when the hair grows back. Ingrown hairs cause spots and pimples and can be unpleasant. But there are products that you can use that prevent ingrown hairs from becoming a problem. Right after waxing, your skin feels a bit sensitive, like you have sunburn. By the next day, this is gone and your skin feels normal. You can shower after waxing – just don’t make the water too hot for the first few hours. There are soaps you can use for a while to prevent the ingrown hairs, and there are also creams you can put on which help. Put in those few minutes of care every day for a little while, and your waxing won’t have any bad consequences.


London Mode Beauty in southeast London is a professional beauty salon which offers a range of treatments for men, including waxing and intimate waxing. Our beauticians are experienced with male waxing and have a good record of making it as painless and free from cringing as possible.

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Note: If you have any form of contagious skin condition, we are unable to wax the affected area until it has fully healed. Sunburnt or broken skin also cannot be waxed until its healed.  Clients who are taking Roaccutane will need to wait six months after completing their medication before being advised to get waxing. You cannot be waxed if your skin has been treated with steroid creams, Retin-A, Differin or any other retinoid acne products. In those cases you would have to wait 3 months after the treatment has been completed for waxing. This is for your protection and for your health.

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